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I am Leonie de Kock, owner and principal of Jolly Jumping Kidz Pre-School & Primary School, C/O Brakfontein & Erasmus Road, Centurion. (In front of Grey Owl Shopping Centre on the NHC Ground)

Jolly Jumping Kidz opened its doors on 5 January 2015.  We have grown with the area and cater for a big variety of age groups, from 3 Months babies up to 5 Year (pre-school) and GR R.  We also open on 8 January 2019 our Primary school from GR 1 and up.  We are registered with the department and our numbers per class are according to their standards and recommendations. We also receive regular visits from them and always make sure that we run the school according to their standards.


Our standards are high and our feedback from other Primary and Private Schools are very good!  A balanced stimulation programmed in the pre-primary phase is one of the most important keys to a successful school career.

Because children have always been our passion and priority, it is extremely important that children do not only receive a proper education but must be loved and in a safe environment. They are the Crown of God’s creation after all! Our school’s motto is a ‘Loving and balanced optimal stimulation – the key to success’; and:  Today’s guidance in love, is tomorrow’s measure to make children feel happy and successful in all their future endeavors.


Most mommies are working today, which means that they have to leave their most precious possession in our care – very often for a full day. It warms our heart daily to see so many happy faces running into the school every morning! It does not only warm the hearts of the teachers, but also the hearts of the mommies and daddies who do not have any other choice, but to leave their children in another’s care – when you see that your child is happy at school. We create that safe, loving second home environment for them!


We open 6:30 in the mornings, until 06:00 in the evenings – Mondays to Fridays, for the whole year except public holidays and for the December-January holidays.


We are a dual medium school, English and Afrikaans.  Our teachers all have qualifications with a passion for children!

Our assistants are receiving continuous daily training from their class teachers – they must know in advance what the activities of the day will be and why certain activities are done – thus which skills are being taught.


All the meals, from breakfast to lunch, as well as the snacks in between (if the children don’t have snacks), are included in the school fees. It is important that a child eat balanced meals for his/her physical and even cognitive development.  Our menu is coming out every Monday.


Breakfast (porridge) is served at 08:00.  After which the routine and stimulation programs start for the day. Snacks consist of sandwiches which are served at 10:00 and 15:00. Lunch at 12:00.  (See our menu’s coming out every Monday).


You as parent and us as educators have a great responsibility and task… we must guide and build our children with positive words and guidance – as is written in Proverbs 18:21 that life and death lie in the power of the tongue. We lay the foundation for the rest of their lives and we must always think about how we are saying what; and when necessary, we must reprimand in love; and make sure that we refer to the deed and not the child. Love and discipline go hand in hand and it is very important!


A balanced curriculum is very important. Children develops as a whole being: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our children must be ready for school both, physically and emotionally when the time comes to go to school. In order to reach this goal, there are certain milestones that must be reached every year, from baby years. We base our outcomes mostly on the Department of Education’s recommendations.

That means that our teachers have to do continuous assessments and do thorough lesson planning for all their lessons. All assessments and preparation must be handed in on a Friday. All preparations for lessons and activities must be readied daily for the next day, before a teacher goes home. That way all attention and focus can be on a child when he/she arrives in the mornings, instead of preparing for the day.

Our program includes all learning areas. Gross motor development is extremely important to us. It becomes the foundation to many other learning-and-developmental areas. Our program is balanced and includes fine motor and sensory development, math’s and language skills, and songs and musical concepts.


Routine is extremely important in every child’s life and presents them with the stability which they need and yearn for. After breakfast at 08:00, we start with our educational programs. We daily start with a Bible reading – We are a Christian based school. There after language activities are presented, for example: theme discussions, rhymes, new language and vocabulary concepts, or idioms, and etcetera. (We weekly swap themes and revise the themes annually, so that the children never get bored because they do the same work year after year. We want to pique their interest in as many ways as possible.)


There after we’ll do math, sensory, movement or music activities. Art, which is about more than just making a picture, follows. We focus on skills and techniques – grips, fine motor development, and etcetera. As part of an extra activity table, they will also play educational games or do perceptual activities that focus on the individual, etcetera. At 10:00 it is snack time and then play outside. After fun outside or inside (depends on the weather) it is lunch time at 12:00.  followed by a story before taking an afternoon nap.


Nap time varies between 12:00 – 14:00 – depending on the age – the older children do not need to sleep as long, but are encourage having a quick nap…

At 15:00 they will then have another snack before going outside to play until they go home.


Our staff is also trained in First Aid and regularly renews our certificates.  NHC Hospital is in front of our school for any emergencies.


Jolly Jumping Kidz has an open-door policy – we believe in an open, harmonious relationship between us, our personnel and our parents. Together, we are a team that helps and contributes to the growth and development of each child as an individual, at this fragile start of their life’s journey.

If we then notice any signs of a problem or possible learning difficulties, a parent will be informed.


Safety is not only important to you, but to us as well. We have security cameras in the school, as well as outside.


Some of the functions that we have are Grandparent’s days, Sports days, Concerts, etc. We will be informed you during the year.


Our doors are always open for you. To make an appointment with the principal:  072 538 1608.






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